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Re: Music Descriptions

In a message dated 7/3/97 9:41:49 PM, you wrote:

<<Sometimes a record company can have the best of plans, and
they still get squashed by an industry that isn't ready to accept change. 
many times they don't have the resources to do what's necessary--especially
they can't see the return coming any time soon. And, of course, there's
the combination of all the elements that conspire against independents that
up making it nearly impossible to be "successful" in this biz without 
being a
partner of one of the biggies. 

The main problem really is anything getting heard at all.  For the most 
you can forget radio stations.  Their main purpose is supplying bodies to
advertisers.  There are  a few record stores that allow listening but it's
always a pain.  It's too bad really.  So little imagination goes into this.
  Most places blast horrid music and then expect you to be able to actually
hear something in the headphones.   Here in Portland, Oregon, there is a 
called Ozone.  It has an amazing selection of unusual music from all over.
 Stuff you rarely see anywhere else.  But there is just one CD player 
are some preloaded listening stations as well) and that is under a speaker
 that is always blasting away.  I've tried to listen to stuff there but I
always end up frustrated and leave.  I'd buy a lot of recordings there  and
other places if they would create some kind of isolated listening station.
  CD's and records aren't cheap.   To be able to hear a few things off a
recording before plunking down the bucks seems essential.  It's the best 
to check things out that you will never hear on the radio or read about.
  Some enterprising character out there should start a string of shops that
take a more interesting approach to the customer interface. Maybe some
weird,subdued lighting , for a bit of atmosphere, and a nice spot to sit 
get comfortable.   I know I'd be there exploring, and I'd buy a lot of