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Re: Music Descriptions

On Fri, 4 Jul 1997 BlkSwan03@aol.com wrote:

> There are  a few record stores that allow listening but it's
> always a pain.  It's too bad really.  So little imagination goes into 
>   Some enterprising character out there should start a string of shops 
> take a more interesting approach to the customer interface. Maybe some
> weird,subdued lighting , for a bit of atmosphere, and a nice spot to sit 
> get comfortable.   I know I'd be there exploring, and I'd buy a lot of 

I've actually found Blockbuster Music to be invaluable in this regard --
they'll let you listen to just about any CD in the store (with the
exception of things like Disc 5 of that 20-disc, factory-sealed boxed set,
for example) at a decent listening station, with no obligation to buy. 
The problem is that just about all the employees at the local branch here
now probably know me as "the guy who's always listening to stuff and never
buys it."  Oh well -- not my fault that Best Buy has the stuff for about
30% cheaper!