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I've been thinking about buying a Vortex, but this particular one doesn't
have a foot controller.  Can anyone tell me if there are any other
footcontrollers that I can use with it other than the standard one - I 
know if it's midi, or just a footswitch.  I wouldn't want to buy one if I
have to tweek with the knobs every time I want to change/morph between
effects.  Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.  Also, I'm a 
looper, on the verge of getting a Digital pro, but I'd like to hear about 
satisfaction of other Vortex owners.  I get the impression that, if used
creatively, this unit greatly helps transform and personalize your loops, 
even becomes a vital part of many looper's sound.  I've always been amazed 
how David Torn has been able to transform many simple sounds into a huge
evolving soundscape, but am not sure how much of this spectaclar feat I can
attribute to a single device.


Brian <squidlyguy@aol.com>