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humbling healthy mistakes

>> Eno said once I think that "the essence of creativity is the process of
>> working with mistakes", paraphrased.  In this regard it applies well

>Well said!  Lately I've been working on the audio for a CD-ROM and I'm
>noticing that my best ideas come about from mistakes -- at least when
>programming drum tracks.  A humbling realization indeed......unless you
>decide to embrace the concept and run with it.  As a result of doing just
>that, my songwriting partner and I have been priding ourselves in our
>ability to "compose by haphazard."

healthy humbling... if we accept the pleasure of music as coming from its
capability to mirror or represent some higher power or structure - or
however I could put that more open even - its not so amazing that we need
the interference of this power or structure to give sense or essence to
complete our effort of creating.
As long as our mind or the computer hold on what he thinks is correct,
there is no way to grow. If we do not temporarily disauthorize or even
disable our mind from its desire to completely direct our creation, the
higher power or structure might help us by disturbing our mind, introducing
errors, to show us the way.

It might be completely different, though...