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CW3 Re: Another newbie question.

On  3 Jul 97 at 18:51, Loopers-Delight@annihilist.co wrote:

> Is there a computer program that allows looping with either midi or 
>audio? In
> that case, is there a shareware verion of it? Mattias Ribbing

Hello Matias and Looping people,
The software sequencer CakeWalk 3.x has the loop option.
You can also specify how many loops will it do and when they
will start rolling, and pitch shifting.
You can have up to 256 tracks looping (if you can!).
It does not handle audio, but it does with midi, and of course,
a wavetable card.
The actual version is 6 (but the loop option is over!).
You can still create them by copy and paste x times.
It does handle audio and realtime effects.

Here there may be demos to try:


Hope It Helps
Juan Manuel Aguirre
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