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Re: CW3 Re: Another newbie question.

The Negative Eye wrote:
>> Is there a computer program that allows looping with either midi or
>>audio? In
>> that case, is there a shareware verion of it? Mattias Ribbing
>Hello Matias and Looping people,
>The software sequencer CakeWalk 3.x has the loop option.
>You can also specify how many loops will it do and when they
>will start rolling, and pitch shifting.
>You can have up to 256 tracks looping (if you can!).
>It does not handle audio, but it does with midi, and of course,
>a wavetable card.
>The actual version is 6 (but the loop option is over!).
>You can still create them by copy and paste x times.
>It does handle audio and realtime effects.

But can it do any of that in real time? I don't know that I've seen
anything on a pc or mac that could do serious real-time looping. Lots of
software lets you set up loops if you are willing to sit there patiently
pointing and clicking. Not a lot of room for spontaneity or improvisation,
though. Especially if you want to create loops live in a performance.


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