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Digitech Mc2 Pedal

Does anyone out there have any experience with this pedal?  It comes across
as a simple, easy to use pedal for midi continuous control messages.  I
bought one to control the morphing on my Morpheus synth.  Problem is that 
alway sticks and then everything has to be shut off and switched back on.
 Major pain.  I've tried it on my JV 1080 synth, but it sticks there too.
 Not as much, but bad enough.  Digitech claims to have no feedback of a
problem like this with anyone else.  The Canadian company that manufactures
the pedal for them also claims the same lack of complaints.  Odd isn't it?
Everything is just fine all around then.   Anyway, I'm just wondering if
anyone out there has had similar problems or knows of a workaround.