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re: Unsettling Ambiences

Right, said Fred*:
>- player and  "listener" are SAME person. 
>- only boring people can be bored . . . (by anything)
>- don't worry . . . play music YOU want to hear . . .

Point one is only true in you're playing for yourself; if there is an
audience, this statement becomes rather abstract and meaningless.  Point
two seems terribly judgemental.  In my opinion the performer isn't really
in a position to criticise the audience for finding their work boring.  The
audience all have certain expectations in return for giving valuable hours
of their lives to listen to a player.  The player is _obliged_ to make that
experience worthwhile, especially if they've paid.  Point 3 is totally
valid, but meshes best with point 2 when you can filter an audience to
thoes people who share your musical tastes...

On a similar point, Kim Corbet's post about involving the audience is
exactly on the nail.  Brilliant post Kim!!!


*Sorry, couldn't resist!

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