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re: Unsettling Ambiences

At 3:42 PM +0100 7/7/97, Dr M. P. Hughes wrote:
>Right, said Fred*:
>>- player and  "listener" are SAME person.
>>- only boring people can be bored . . . (by anything)
>>- don't worry . . . play music YOU want to hear . . .
>Point one is only true in you're playing for yourself; if there is an
>audience, this statement becomes rather abstract and meaningless.

Even I, with an engineering degree and a dim knowledge of philosophy,
recognized point one's origins in the German Enlightenment, and it's
connection to one of the more important thinkers in human history.

I Kant imagine who that might be though.....;-)

synthesis is more than the square wave coming out of that box in your 


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