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help!? - plex thermal problem even with mod?

just saw the "undo == record" behavior on my new plex after having it on
for most of today!  has anyone else seen this?

the only twist to my mod was that the adc chip in my plex is socketed, so i
just bent the pin out rather than clipping it.  this should work, yes?

my board is rev b, w/ 3.32 firmware.

can anyone tell me what's going on?  is there any additional way to avoid
the thermal problem?


ps- figured out that the undo led goes on the 2nd loop after recording if
feedback is less than 100%: you can undo the gain reduction for each loop!
:-)  seems like this could interfere with undoing overdubs & such when
feedback is <100% though.  is there any way to disable this behavior?
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