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re: Unsettling Ambiences

>>>>- player and  "listener" are SAME person.
>>>Point one is only true in you're playing for yourself; if there is an
>>>audience, this statement becomes rather abstract and meaningless.
>>Even I, with an engineering degree and a dim knowledge of philosophy,
>>recognized point one's origins in the German Enlightenment,
>Showoff!  :(
>>synthesis is more than the square wave coming out of that box in your
>You've been hanging around with these... these... _arty_ types too long, 
>Go to your room and read nothing but S-plane based signal processing texts
>'till all these nasty thoughts have gone.  Trust me, I'm a doctor...  :)

heh....I'm practicing to get into upper management. You see, the people
that sound smart but can't actually do anything get paid the really big
bucks....If you actually make the mistake of developing a useful skill,
you'll be forced to do it for your whole life....

>"Two conjugate poles in the right side of the plane......."  Faster, 

ouch, ouch!


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