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Re: Let The Power Fall...

>Dr. Hughes wrote:
>> I wish... Ifinally got "Let The Power Fall" t'other day and was utterly
>> disappointed.  I was expecting more variety of tones (ie more than 
>> as on the GP soundpage "Easter Monday" or the performances in Wimbourne
>> Minster for a BBC documentary.  I'd really like to take this one back -
>> whole "beyond Fripp" argument seems more and more meaningless...

Remeber besides the age of this recording (1979), that we're only hearing
the recorded loop material, NOT the soloing that was an integral part of
the process.

It's a testament to quality of the material that you could remove "half" of
it and have it still function as a musical piece.

I saw Fripp at Mabuhay (July 29th show, the "1989" track), and it was