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Let The Power Fall...

Dr. Hughes wrote:

> I wish... Ifinally got "Let The Power Fall" t'other day and was utterly
> disappointed.  I was expecting more variety of tones (ie more than one!),
> as on the GP soundpage "Easter Monday" or the performances in Wimbourne
> Minster for a BBC documentary.  I'd really like to take this one back -
> whole "beyond Fripp" argument seems more and more meaningless...

Might I remind you that the Let The Power Fall material is quite a bit
older than the current Soundscapes material, and also more than minimalist
in comparison.  As a rough outline/example of looping guitar, if not also
an introduction to such work, I think it excels.  There is no levels of
complexity to plow through to figure out "how it's done", frankly; and, as
minimalist tone poems, I've always liked LTPF myself.

What exactly were you looking for in this album, to be so disappointed?

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