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The duos I was doing with Don Prestonat Lumpy Gravy in L.A. which I 
this list about have been discontinued.  Don bowed out of the whole weekly
series due to lack of attendance.  

>>- player and  "listener" are SAME person.

The state of music would be so much better if this were true most of the

>>- only boring people can be bored . . . (by anything)

You've never been bored by ANYTHING?  What an excruciatingly relentless
parade of excitement your life must be...you need to watch more television,
my friend 

>>- don't worry . . . play music YOU want to hear . . .

Worrying won't get you anywhere, I agree, but I think if you only play 
YOU want to hear you must come to terms with the reality that it's possible
ONLY YOU will be compelled to hear it.  If you can accept that, fine.
 There's also an oft-cited philosophy that just about anything can find at
least a small audience if it's marketed right (which I agree with to some
extent), so if you're trying to make any kind of profession out of it,
recognize you'll have to become your own marketing department to a
proportional degree, IMHO the least attractive aspect of being a musician
(even if a necessary evil...)

On a more characteristic 'gear-oriented' note, I noticed in some advance
promotional literature from Digitech that they are about to unleash the
XP-300 "Space Station" onto the world, which has a set of features called
Sound On Sound, amongst other things.  I smell a low-budget, simple (if
somewhat limited) looping device here.  Anyone know more about this?  This
new XP series has some nice features as far as low-cost, user-friendly,
performance-friendly, easily-portable devices go.  There are a series of
effects you can scroll through by footswitch, each of which has one 
adjustable by a rocking pedal.  I've owned the XP-100 Whammy/Wah for a few
months thinking it'd be a nice toy to throw in the mix occaisonally and 
ended up carting it to just about every gig I've done recently, from rock 
jazz to free-improv/ambient to Persian pop music, etc and it never fails to
provoke GAS* in my fellow musicians....

I have no affiliation with Digitech unless they wanna start giving me

Ken R

*I have always known this as "Gear Acquisition Syndrome"