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Re: record stores

A brief comment on local record shops.  I worked for one in Evanston, IL
for a few years
while in college, and though they did stock a decent selection of
hard-to-find-items and imports,
the selection is entirely dependent on who works there (and knows what
to order), and
what the owner thinks will sell, even though I've often talked to the
owner and suggested
he carry more of such-and-such.  For my recent binges on ambient and
acid jazz CDs, I mostly have
had to resort to mail order (from Instinct and Soleilmoon).  I think
online-based mail-order
offers the best deal for those looking for something out of the
ordinary, particularly when
the site offers sound clips of what they are selling.  Labels that sell
direct on the net also have
more control over their prices.


erik reid simpson wrote:

> I am in total agreement with this point of view. While i would prefer
> to
> give my business to local shops, sometimes they just can't seem to
> find
> what i am looking for. I will shop the chain stores on occasion, but
> have no great loyalty to them. Online and mailorder are definite
> alternatives. I found a couple Nels Cline discs i couldn't find
> elsewhere through an online outfit called Soundwire (who, sadly, just
> closed up shop) and a couple discs on the em:t label through
> Etherworld.
> Cd Now isn't likely going
> anywhere soon, however, and they have alot of stuff (but not
> everything). Siren disc has a good selection of import stuff, in
> particular, at decent prices. The Artists House has an incredible
> selection of independent, often artist-run labels. And many labels do
> online/mailorder themselves; DGM, Ralph and, yes, Alchemy (hi Jon)
> among
> many others. I have personally done business at one time or another
> with
> every company I have listed above with excellent results across the
> board. The main drawback is that you don't get the instant
> gratification
> of plunking down your money and taking the disc(s) home to listen to
> right away. But given the battle for my "disposable income" (real or
> imagined, and with 2 teenage sons, imagined is much more likely), I
> would rather spend it on something I actively desire rather than
> something that merely SEEMS interesting. Anyway, back to lurking.
> Bye;
> Erik Simpson
> eriks@on-ramp.ior.com