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Re: Various/Digitech

> I have no affiliation with Digitech unless they wanna start giving me
> stuff...
> Ken R

......hey, I like that, the indirect approach.  You know, I absolutely 
love inspiring and entertaining a mess o peops 2-3 times aweek with my 
digitech, boss, studio 21, fender, modulus, shure, SWR, mackie, alesis, 
clavia, emu and roland gear.  And, hey, those JBL speakers are so clear, 
clean and durable.  They're great for any application.  Just perfect.  
Did I ever tell ya about the time some cowboy spilled a whole beer into
one of the Eons.  I opened it up, swabbed and dried it out...good as new.
I thought it was toast, but it sounded better than ever.  JBL's the best
thing between me and my audience.

Shipping address available on request................the spork kim