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"Let the Flower Eat Paul"...

...was the title of an early non-masterpiece, by *moi*...

Other titles of my early loop attempts, also inspired by LTPF, include - 

"Let the Flounder Plummet"
"Let the Power Fizzle"
& (after I found No Pussyfooting) "The Heavenly Music Mutilation".

They were all inspired and flawed enough to work well as both homages-to 
satires-of RF. Envision lovely floating waves of liquid guitar a la LTPF,
interrupted every few minutes by a (looped) mistake, like this - 


Works great for getting battle plans out of POWs much better than 
on blackboards, or other crude methods like that. Anyway - After awhile I
embraced my incompetence and came up with things more along the lines of 
Index of Metals" after being thrown in a blender, including such unknown
classics as "Bewtixt the Electrons", "Seas of Mercury", and "No Gain, No
Pain". A bit like being thrown in a wind tunnel filled with iron filings. 
think about half of the tape was power tools being held up to the pickups).

My favorite thing about all these silly recordings (which actually are 
cool in many places and I love them dearly) is that I did them on
reel-to-reel tape, so they sound oddly authentic, like Fripp was really
playing these, but after someone had dropped a safe on his hands and 
him with novacane. I have never been able to re-create that sound since I 
better gear and practiced a lot. Now, for some reason, the new stuff sounds
like shit in some ways when compared to the old stuff, the old just seems 
have unique qualities about it that seem to have been lost in the new.
Dexterity limitations and funky gear give you so much built-in restraint 
in a
way (something that most guitarists don't have naturally) and with chops 
a big-ass amp comes the-guitarist-won't-shut-up syndrome, or something. (At
least I have that problem, which I just decided to call premature

Any other indulgent Fripp "Tribute" recordings out there? Anyone ever tried
to fool their friends with one, and gotten away with it? (I have, though 
not entirely sure how)!

(All rights reserved on the above titles, even if they are stupid!)


PS - Can anyone spell out any of their favorite loops phonetically, like a
comic-book sound effect word, like I just did, above? (That's a great way 
waste five minutes, and you can get some amusing results...)