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Re: loopness monster

Chris said a lot of nice things:
>However, there were many people in the crowd (loud, obnoxious,
>beer-drinking types) who could not stand there and listen to such sounds.
>They kept shouting "Come on, lets have a jam -- play some songs".

I refuse to play in places where people consume beer.

>...if you are standing in front of them with an electric
>guitar, they expect you to break out a blues jam or at least some display
>of "technique" or "music" that they are familiar with.

When I still played in bars, I sometimes looped a blues, which clearly was
one, but really different, especially toards the end...

>For a performance to
>succeed (from both the performer's and the audience's perspective) the
>music must be appropriate for that particular time, place, situation, AND

...even more so, when you call it "ambient". I say in my release folder,
that I adapt my music to the place and vibes each time, but the truth is,
that for many places and vibes, I do not manage to adapt anc better leave

>a typical rock audience.  But what audiences are available for us loopers?
>Well, that is the question we have to answer, and in part, I think we have
>to CREATE our own situations and audiences.  That is, we need to find out
>what works, and build upon that until....maybe some day....we will be
>playing LOOPAPOLOOZA's (that's a great one, Bryan!) or filling stadiums 
>loop performances.  That is, perhaps, sound spaces will become a standard
>of expectation among certain audeiences.

Yes, I recorded "traveling music" in the bus station (there is no such
thing as street musician here), played in a church on saturday - the things
I love!
But there are not suficiant such oportunities here, I will have to invent
more. I thought of prison, hospital, old peoples home (how do you call

>This leads me to question what the FUNCTION(s) of loop music is.......In
>any case, the rock concert performed a
>function -- and it seems to me that this was initially driven, or at least
>facilitated by the TECHNOLOGY.

You mean we are about at the point where The Who came in: The technology
was available and the function was invented or came out of the history of
the society. Loop technology is available and we are discussing its
purpose. The Who probably did not discuss it as we do, but this makes part
of the changes of history.

>IMHO, looping devices are good for the following functions/settings:

We have a new idea here which is called JantArte (Jantar means supper). We
invite for a chinese veg meal (body), a speach (mind) and a artistic
presentation (soul), pillows on the floor. It will happen monthly in the
Centro de Cultura Chinesa. I will tell you  how it goes.
Is that New-Agey?

>Put me down for 2 of the hand-held, portable loopers!

Oh yeah, I spend a lot of thought and dreams for those. It will happen in a
few years!