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NEW JERSEY LOOPERS ??? !!!!Live Loopage....

hello looping sistren & brethren.....

if you're not in NJ or are easily bored - don't read on....

but if you are nearby or enjoy a good laugh - by all means - enjoy the
following and i hope you can make the show.....

also - Jersey/ NY/ PA looping people - let's keep in touch... a few of you
have already established contact and i hope we get some shows going on -
others - please do so  !!! and let me know of yr performances..!


read on............


happy roswell anniversary... TODAY....!!

yeah yeah, i know, you're rolling your eyes... 

Look - i don't know any more about this than you do - but on this day 50
years ago - the US ARMY THEMSELVES claimed that a "flying saucer" had
crashed and been found... Two days later - the hasty retraction was 
- - but lets' remember - THEY STARTED IT !!..

anyway... if Timothy Leary was driving along Highway 420 between Dallas TX
and Roswell, NM, guess who would be on the radio .....

featuring - Cheri Jiosne on drums, percussion, synthes, bells, looping
                Andre' Cholmondeley (of the zappa trib band & hidden 
                        on guitar, synth, tapes, samples, vocals, looping

well -come hear us this THURSDAY JULY 10

        121 Brighton Ave
        Longbranch NJ
and we really really start at 9:45 pm...

c'mon down !!!!

what do we do??

lotsa percussion, synth patches, samples, delay loops, pukey guitar
very spacey... tripping without the time investment.

this week's performance will feature " Empire Century" - a treatise on the
fact that on MAY 23 1997 - the United States reached a dubious landmark - 
now have US troops in 100 countries !!!! Yes!!!

So - as even the miserable BRITISH EMPIRE comes to a halt in Hong Kong (so
the Chinese Empire can take over) we in the USA roll onwards to bizarre
dimensions. We can't afford decent school lunches, day care, BASIC health
care, safe, clean water or air, or many other basic democratic amenities -
but we can afford to put a zillion of our trained goons in every corner of
the world. Ahhhh... e pluribus unum

well - if you're read this far and haven't pressed delete in disgust, email
me if you're interested in ordering our tape - which will be out in about 3
weeks.... you're be informed against your will anyway....

peace, we gotta work for it !