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Re: Let The Power Saw

 If you want to hear him (Fripp) shred on disc I would recommend the
aforementioned live League of Gentlemen CD or the live Sylvian/Fripp Band 
"Damage" (the latter features Soundscapes also). For my money the most
>dissapointing work in public release by Fripp is the Soundscapes Live
> in Argentina CD....don't get me started.--Bryan Helm/Techno Primitve
Tantrum Boy

thanks Brayn - i've always wondered about the Sylvian -Fripp discs - not
much mention of them here... but on your wordz i think i'll pick it
up...today i have a spree planned, so...

But i agree on the sounscapes live discs - i have 2 or 3 of 'em (does it
matter) and i too am dissapointed - they make good background going to 
type discs but there's a million bad new age discs that can do that.
excellent package, liner notes (awesome!!) great quality, but... boring.
Sorry RF, love you & yer work but... play some notes! i guess for me - i
could do the same sleepy, simple synth washes thru echo for 45 mins... part
of my attraction to RF's music is the amazing unreachability (for me) of it
in a technical sense...

anyway - he rules and many artists out out a couple duds i guess (except 

peace and loop away you freaks

andre' (nj)