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Re: Let The Power Saw


>> If you want to hear him (Fripp) shred on disc I would recommend the
>>aforementioned live League of Gentlemen CD or the live Sylvian/Fripp 
>Band CD
>>"Damage" (the latter features Soundscapes also). 

NJ N'Dre:
>thanks Bryan - i've always wondered about the Sylvian -Fripp discs - not
>much mention of them here... but on your wordz i think i'll pick it
>up...today i have a spree planned, so...

I only have The First Day, but it is something of a classic, certainly
better than recent KC stuff...  probably the best example, to me, of what
can be achieved with looping is the long (6 min!) play-out solo on
"Firepower"; if he'd wanted he could have looped the bassline too, so I
just look at it as a looper and a drummer.  A classic.  The playout
Frippertronics solo peice is neat, having the advantage of being relatively
short and retaining its novelty value.  A great album.

"Firepower" is also a great track for inducing a desire of Sustainer 


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