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Re: Amplifiers for looping

If you are using an Acoustic guitar, the Crate Amp is the finest on the
market today.  The model number is 125D, couple that with a martin thinline
pickup and a jamman, se ya later, because everyone will space out when they
hear your sound.  Guaranteed. 

After playing the acoutisic thing for so long, I find that electric guitar
amps are missing treble.  What do I mean?  Most electric guitar cabs don't
run horns or piezo, so yes you can turn the tone on the start to treble and
pump up the treble on the amp, but you do not get the overtones that an may
be experienced on an acoustic with the setup listed above.  In fact my son,
played the strat through the Crate and preferred it.  

Good Luck.