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Re: A couple of responses

>That sounds like a good setting. Creating the setting is a great thing.
>Perhaps loop music can work as an analogue to dance music for older
>people (is anyone on this list under 25?) Whereas rock (functionally
>speaking) is pre-mating music for social rituals among young single
>people, maybe loop music can occur in situations which encourage social
>interaction (which is frequently rather limited) among mature, working
>adults who may have families - maybe there's a new kind of social ritual
>that could be created around this.
>Warren Sirota

27 here, but still possessing a far greater preference for looping in
pre-mating music for social rituals among young single people, preferably
in noisy, crowded, alcohol-and-drug-laden environments with excessive
volumes, as opposed to serene family oriented settings for mature

The discussion about "What do we call it" is certainly interesting, but I
think the "it" in question is not the whole of "loop music" but just the
"ambient-experimental improvisations employing loops" category. "Loop
music" includes a lot of other music, some of which even has well
recognized names and well known and populated venues for its performance!

resisting oppression by the ambient tyranny,


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