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Re: MIDI looping

In a message dated 7/13/97 9:56:07 AM, you wrote:

<<So what's the deal?  Does nobody on this list do MIDI looping?>>

Uh,....rather a heavy handed post I dare say.  I do Midi looping, and I've
mentioned it before on this list but it's a desert out there as far as this
goes.  There aren't many people doing it.  Also, it's mostly guitarists on
this list.  (Not putting it down at all, I play guitar too.)   Anyway, it
doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me.  I don't know what your 
setup is like, but you made midi looping seem ultra complicated.  It isn't
for me.   I use a Roland MV30 sequencer running a JV 1080 synth.  Also I 
add other modules as well if I need to.   You just set the MV30 to loop and
decide how many measures you want it to be.   You can be under of course, 
not over.  Just get rid of unused measures.   Put the 1080 in Performance
mode (multi) and go.  Just change midi channels on master keyboard.   It
couldn't be much simpler.  Voices on the 1080 can be effected differently ,
panned, and mixed.  If you need more extreme effects, send the voice out of
independent outs (there are six) and effect away.   I always get 
results with this.   Also, my girfriends'  Roland XP80 is setup very 
 Very easy to loop this way.  No time constraints and excellent sound 
with many open options afterwards.