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Re: MIDI looping

In a message dated 7/13/97 8:59:08 PM, Kim wrote:

>Other than that I would suggest using Max, which is a
>graphical/object-oriented midi programming environment for the mac. It's a
>great tool, created at IRCAM in France and sold by Opcode. I think the
>sample applications that max even comes with even includes a midi delay 
>a looper. I think it would be fairly easy to create a powerful midi 
>application with max. You could even design a nice big, custom gui. I'd be
>surprised if someone hadn't already done this, actually.

The thought also occurs to me that both Midi and Audio looping could be
achieved (with a great deal of programming freedom) on a KYMA system, by
Symbolic Sound. Last time I checked a basic system went for $4400 (dropping
over the last few years), but considering all that it could do (from
synthesis, digital audio, sample processing, effects, etc., etc., etc. in
realtime) it might be worth considering....