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Re: The Echoplex upgrade arrives!

At 4:52 PM +0200 7/13/97, Leonardo Cavallo wrote:

>great work for the upgrade. It seems a lot of work involved.
>I just ordered my plex through a local music store some weeks ago but 
>are some delays importing the unit from USA to Florence, Italy. Well, I 
>delays are due to shipping the new software version...
>What do you think? Is it possible?

I think delays are due to getting production going again after it all but
stopped. They are shipping a lot of units this month, and I think quite a
few are heading for Italy. Those will all have the new upgrade.

>Any hope to receive the upgrade?

yes, it should be in new units shipping this month.

>And do you know how long we've to wait to see distributed the new ones?
>And there will be a change in price?

You have to ask Oberheim those questions, I don't know.

>A curiosity: only the software has been changed or the hardware too?

just software.


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