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RE: The Echoplex/CE

At 4:56 AM -0400 7/13/97, Michael Peters wrote:
>the one thing that interests me most about the new Echoplex is:
>Will it carry the CE stamp necessary to import it to Europe, or not?

I don't know what they are doing with CE. (software doesn't have much to do
with it!) When I left Gibson there was a plan for how to get CE approval
for the echoplex. I don't know if they have done that or not. I assume so,
since they seem to be planning to export a lot of them there. You might
want to ask them that directly. OB's customer service human is Dean Fouts

>If Gibson are really dedicated to this new product, they will spend the
>money and energy to get a CE stamp ...

one would hope so.....they do have CE approval for all the rest of their
product line, although that's not very challenging with Les Pauls.


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