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old is better than new?


>I have never been able to re-create that sound since I got
>better gear and practiced a lot. Now, for some reason, the new stuff 
>like shit in some ways when compared to the old stuff, the old just seems 
>have unique qualities about it that seem to have been lost in the new.

Is that a quality of evolution? With each new thing, an old one gets lost?
But, would that be a reason to stick to the old, which is elaborated,
rather than elaborate the new?

>Dexterity limitations and funky gear give you so much built-in restraint 
>in a
>way (something that most guitarists don't have naturally) and with chops 
>a big-ass amp comes the-guitarist-won't-shut-up syndrome, or something. 
>least I have that problem, which I just decided to call premature

We may feel better, if we have a exterior limitation, than if the
limitation is our own capacity.
For example: I sometimes have the impression that someone is actually happy
not to have money, so he cannot buy a tool, and therfore not work and so he
sits there, hapy with what he has. Is that modesty?

and Warren:
>Perhaps loop music can work as an analogue to dance music for older
>people (is anyone on this list under 25?) Whereas rock (functionally
>speaking) is pre-mating music for social rituals among young single
>people, maybe loop music can occur in situations which encourage social
>interaction (which is frequently rather limited) among mature, working
>adults who may have families - maybe there's a new kind of social ritual
>that could be created around this.

This sound almost like:
'Dance for the young, meditation for the old' and
'Loops are for meditation'
... might be tendences, but I understand Kims cry for the new loop music:
>resisting oppression by the ambient tyranny

It seams that the loop music so far is somehow dominated by the old that
participated on the its development on tapes (the name Echoplex
unfortunately suggests this), while the new (or young) will develop much
more with the extended technology, and therefore are more interesting (to
me as musician and especially as developper) than the authentic
reproduction or slight improvement of the old which of course also is of

resisting the idea that meditation calls for old methods or old people