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MIDI looping on a Mac

----kIm flint writes---
It does seem like a pretty obvious use of midi to me. And you seem to be
right, there aren't really any good tools that I know of for real-time
looping. Plenty for non-real-time, of course. It would be interesting to
hear from people who have cobbled together midi looping setups.

---end quote---

I have a Korg X-5 that came with Mark of the Unicorn's Freesytle MIDI
software.  I use that on PCI mac.  You create a loop of  X measures up
in Freesytle 
then play and record the MIDI loop at  same time.  I've used this setup
mainly for MIDI Percussion.
I'm still learning Freesytle and havie not figured out how to switch
between loops on the Fly.
 I seem to end up using the JamMan for guitar and synth sounds.   My
home studio is under
construction so when I'm finished (In 2005 at the rate I'm going)
 I'll have to explore MIDI looping for sound.  I'm also looking at
getting MIDI/synth for guitar also. 
 I can't seem to decide between a Roland GR-1 and the GR-30.
  Some mail order house have good prices on the GR-1
but no music store in the area seem to have one I can demo.  Most have a
VG-8 and
GR-30 setup for demo.   Can anyone Highlight the key differences between
the GR-1 and  GR-30 for me?  I think the VG-8 is a bit pricey for me.