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Re: Hard disk recording/looping

On 17 Jul 97 at 18:00, Loopers-Delight@annihilist.co wrote:

> Hey everyone - this question has to do with recording and looping onto a 
> (I believe some of you loop in this fashion).  I'm hoping to get a new PC
> (200 MHz) pretty soon, and want to be able to multitrack my guitar 
> onto the hard drive (I don't have an ADAT or separate hard disk 
>  However, I'd like to be able to listen to the previously recorded tracks
> while laying down the next one.  I guess I'll need full duplex 
>capability on
> whatever sound card that I get. 
Hello Brian,
I have a card called Sountrack 97 PCI. It can play 8 stereo waves
at the time. (Not from software, but from hardware. It's full duplex.
It has some nice delays, reberbs, chorus, and EQ to "shape" the output.
32 to 48 MIDI channels. etc...
It's a beauty.

Try : www.hoontech.co.kr   OR   st.cyso.net
If you are in the US, perhaps you wish to contact it's national distributor
Mr Peter Larson < petel@foothills.eznet.com >

> Any suggestions on what would be the ideal (and/or affordable!) hardware
This card costs "around nothing" considering it's capabilities (220 U$S +/ 

>  Also, does any of the software offer looping capabilities?
Father of loops were the "Analog Sequencers" (I'd love to have one).
For MIDI, I found a software sequencer with "analog feel", SEQ 303. 
Try it here:

Also, Cakewalk 3 has a loop option but it cannot handle audio.

Hope It Helps
Good Luck,

Juan Manuel Aguirre
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