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Re: Recommended Listening

To add a minor historical note, I noticed that there's a looped
saxophone solo on the first Roxy Music album.  (I think it's saxophone,
although Andrew Mackay is also credited with playing the oboe, and
I'm not familiar enough reed instrument tonalities in that dense a mix.)
Presumably Eno had something to do with it; the album is copyright 1972;
I don't know how that fits in with Eno&Fripp's stuff.

Album: "Roxy Music"
Track 5: "2 H.B."
Solo starts at 1:34, the loop is about 4 seconds long, he plays for
about 30 seconds, then it fades out over 20 seconds.  (And then another
loop (or the same one?) fades back in.)

I've never noticed anything else that was clearly a loop on
the album, although there might be.

Sean Barrett