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RE: Recommended Listening

Hi all

As a musical journalist I reviewed the other night a concert by Jungle 

The lineup is:

Vinx - vocal and percussion 
Doug Wimbish - bass and vocal
Will Calhoun - drums and acustic and electronic percussion

These are 3 incredible musician capable to play an entire set (2h 1/2)
without every other instrument. 

The secret of the success relied in their incredible musicianship and 
(Vinx incredible singer and ethno african percussionist, Will e Doug, ex
Living Colours, was not only playing the rhythm section but a lot more,
especially Doug, a bass that sounded like a guitar, like a sampler, a
keyboard or drums with a ton of effects at his feet) but in looping too!!!
(here's the point!!!)

It was a Great example of how to use effectively the loopers (in their case
3 jamman, one for each musicians) to create a huge sound and multiple 
or parts to play with. What impressed me more was not the simple solo
approach: record a rythm track then solo over. The greatness of their loop
use was in building songs around the loop, all in real time. Vocal 

great show. If you like a brillant mix of soul and blues vocal, funk rhythm
section, a little rock, some electronic stuff and a lot of intelligent
looping check them out. Their live set is heavily based on loops. I can't
assure on record (scheduled for next autumn for some Polygram sublabel).


PS. Oberheim upgrade stuff: Pat Murphy from Gibson said this:

The Echoplexes being sent out next month in Europe will have the upgrade.
Pat Murphy<<