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MIDI Looping

Hi All,

In case anyone's interested, I wrote an application for and article on
MIDI Looping using MAX in Electronic Musician. Look for "MAX Programming
Workshop," August 1991. I created a multi-track looping program I called
"The Dresherizer" because it was inspired by Paul Dresher (that begs the
question, actually, of why I haven't seen any mention of Dresher in this
group. Have I just missed it? Is anyone else familiar with his stuff?)

Anyway, back to the article/program. Since I haven't been Mac-based for
a long time now, the source files are probably gone forever (although
reconstructable from the article, and they are probably on one of these
old 44MB SyQuest disks that I can't read with any of my current
hardware..). If anyone's interested, I can probably find a hardcopy of
the article that I can copy.

Warren Sirota