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Paul Dresher

On Sat, 19 Jul 1997, Warren Sirota wrote:

> (that begs the
> question, actually, of why I haven't seen any mention of Dresher in this
> group. Have I just missed it? Is anyone else familiar with his stuff?)

He's cropped up here and there on this list (in reference, not in person). 
For my own part, he was the first performer I ever saw who was using
real-time looping in a live performance context.  I saw several of the
performance art pieces he did with vocalist Rinde Eckert about ten years
ago;  I'd surely like to have a copy of "Slow Fire" today (I fear my
original cassette copy has vanished in the mists of time).  Last I heard,
he was living in Minneapolis, and was doing some collaborations with the
California EAR unit; anyone else know what he's been up to in the last
several years?