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Re: Web page gig listings?

Andre proposed:

> There seems to be quite a bit of live looping going on with the members 
> of the list.  Would somebody be willing to help set up and maintain a 
> regular page on the main web site to announce upcoming and current 
> performances?  It might be a great way to spread the word, as well as 
> reminding the regulars here of what's going on.

I agree!  I suspect a lot of folks think someone else will keep track of
us...  Lord knows we don't want to end up on the wrong section of a
'musical family tree' constructed in 2106 or so, perhaps the kind that
would list one of us adjacent to the New Kids On The Block (or their 90s
version, the Spice Girls)!

It would also be a great way to keep track of the growth or non-growth of
'our kind of music', whatever that is this week.

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