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Re: Web page gig listings?

The Man Himself wrote:

>From: The Man Himself <altruist@shoko.calarts.edu>

>Hey all --
>There seems to be quite a bit of live looping going on with the members 
>of the list.  Would somebody be willing to help set up and maintain a 
>regular page on the main web site to announce upcoming and current 
>performances?  It might be a great way to spread the word, as well as 
>reminding the regulars here of what's going on.

Maintaining such a listing on an ongoing basis is a big job. It's a
workload that's probably not feasible for Kim at this time. But... There is
a system already in place on the internet that can be used for this
purpose with very little effort. It is called the "Musi-Cal Musical Event
Database" at http://www.calendar.com/concerts 

This is a comprehensive and flexible system, and works for concert dates
worldwide. Artists can enter their tour and concert dates to the system
easily and directly. Concert goers using the system can search by date
range, city radius, music genre, etc. 

A unique aspect of the system is that it will generate an HTML
code-fragment for searches that can be invoked from a remote system
location (i.e. loopers delight) that will jump out and grab the applicable
listings on demand. All that's necessary is to settle upon some
under-utilized sub-genre on their system (such as "ambient" or "techno"),
and then get Kim to install the clickable HTML fragment on Looper's
Delight. Voila-- a worldwide listing system, automatically maintained. 

Go take a look.

Pat Kirtley