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Re: Ambient?

Olivier Malhomme:
>Matthias, you said we all play ambient?

Nono! I was just teasing Kim... :-)

>Well, would you call what I do "ambient"? (well, i'm looking for a name
>for it for so long a time...)

Probably not all, but certainly some bits...
How about my sound? I recently called it "folk influenced" here on the
list, which might be completely wrong. Could be "very soft rock", too.

Basically I thought that my (or even all) music devided into 4 main motives
(I might be repeating myself):
1- Concentration: Constant, centered, meditative, mantric, no emotions
2- Dance: movement, atraction, body, lightness.
3- Viagem (= journey): Stimulating imagination, unusual experiences, film
music, happenings...
4- Louvacao (=chanting?): Praise Nature, God, yourself, whatever you feel
thankfull to. (often the finale of a apresentation)

More points anyone?

Now "ambient" is none of this, really, or some total integration?
Or the negation of any aim?
Or a different view of the circumstances to pass the same kind of main 
Should I add point 5- Just be sound: research of musical language, mind
thrilling compositions...

I felt familiar with the "ambient" style because I was allways looking for
different places to play and kept claiming that my music adapts to the
ambient and is helpfull as a background for many things... but this does
not say much about the sound, rather about its aim. So?

Oliver again:
>Must we all be held by some magical "ambient hand" when working with

Yes, its the Great Ambient that plays through you :-)