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some new stuff on the web

Hey loop surfers-

I just added some new stuff to the web site.

Michael Peters has been steadily improving upon the Looper profile pages,
and it's looking great. It's now in a more organized format with a cross
referencing to everyone's band names. There's a few new names in there as
well. Thanks for your help, Michael!  see it here:


Ed Drake sent me a new version of the JamMan page quite a while ago, that's
finally up. It includes a compilation of discussions about the rumored
JamDuder upgrade. Thanks, Ed! Jam on here:


Also, even longer ago Travis Hartnett scanned the entire JamMan manual for
us. That is now available on the web site. Thanks Trav! Light a candle,
make some tea, sit back and enjoy the subtle details in the jammanual:


And we've got more goodies coming soon, I hope! A search engine should be
appearing soon, as well as other little bits and pieces here and there. No
word from the big boys yet on whether we can get permission to post the
reviews of our favorite loop byproducts that have appeared in major mags,
but my fingers are crossed. they're lookin into it.....

And as always, Looper's Delight needs your help! The site exists through
the voluntary efforts of the loop community. The more people working on it,
the better it gets. Contributions are always welcome! Many areas of the web
site are quite barren, just waiting for an enthused soul to sponser them.
If you've got a good idea, or see an idea talked about on the list, jump
right in and take it on. We'll all appreciate it!



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