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Re: MAX/ MIDI Looping+Mac Emulator

At 5:06 PM -0400 7/26/97, ZeplinSoup@aol.com wrote:
>Is max that cool?enough to warrant the Mac(better computer,but when it 
>to marketing Apple made the biggest mistak in Marketing History when It 
>not allow clones...oh well..

I think it's that cool. You don't need an amazingly powerful machine to run
it. A used centris 650 or something would be fine and probably cost a lot
less than Max.

In keeping with the recycled-computer-as-dedicated-music-tool theme, I've
also heard of people buying old nubus based macs (like the IIci) and
getting a lexicon nuverb card for it. Apparently much cheaper than getting
a high end lex reverb and almost as good.


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