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Re: MAX/ MIDI Looping+Mac Emulator

ZeplinSoup@AOL.COM wrote:
> Is max that cool?enough to warrant the Mac(better computer,but when it 
> to marketing Apple made the biggest mistak in Marketing History when It 
> not allow clones...oh well..
> Reeve

- yup.

- the Mac SE-30* (w/8megs ram, b/w, probably w/printer incl) is
available all over town for about $200, probably less. This was about a
$3k machine just a few years ago - however that was B.C. (before clones)
- maybe the clones, though already inexpensive, will lose their value
more gracefully.

* when run w/out dragging colors along for the ride, you probably won't
even grow too many grey hairs during re-draws . . .