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independent Loop-ish release... Ambient?

he- hel- hell- hello all..

let's get looped ....

just a quick note - if anyone wants to support our independent central NJ
efforts here... my improvising duo JFK'S LSD UFO now has a release to offer
the world... it's called "ASSASSINATION HALLUCINATION"

80 mins+ on a CrO2 cassette, real time duped...

$8.00 postage incl (for continental USA addresses)

Just drop me a line if you're interested in ordering one, we can do credit
card orders at 908-747-6448 M-F 10am - 8pm ET, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 10am-5pm

or send a money order to Jfk's Lsd Ufo * PO Box 138 * Red Bank NJ * 07701

what's it like ?? well... here's a coupla quotes -

"..it's too weird for us..."

-John, booking dude at the Knitting Factory, NYC

"...was I tripping ? I really like this..."

-Otis, booking dude at the Wetlands, NYC

"...you guys are cool..that's really out there, wacked stuff..."

-Buckethead, when we opened for him a few months back.(summer 97)

we're a 100% live duo, primarily drumset and guitar, but we both trigger
synths thru Kat, pads, and Guitar synth.. Lots of digital delay loops,
samples, world percussion, and a little bit of strange political
information. Our topics range from (of course) Ufos and crop circles to 
war syndrome, the heaven's gate cult, or vintage vox tremolo units.

influences include (but are not limited to) - Eno, tangerine dream, steve
reich, derek bailey, crimson, polytown/torn, steve hillage, metheny, vernon
reid, john zorn, zappa, nana vasconcelos, fripp, andy summers, all 
gamelan music, the spirit of those on this list, etc etc etc

we also create sequences on the spot, but use absolutely no pre-recorded
material. This baffles most audience members, but no-one on this list will
really be fazed from a tech point of view, But i think you'll really dig 

E-mail me if interested - those of you with a release(s) - get in touch
regarding trade??

thanx for reading this far....