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Re: Amplifiers for looping

Sorry, thats an old one I accidentally did not send to the list (does this
happen to you, that sometimes doing "reply" it replies to the original
sender and not to the list?)

>Busses 1 & 2 feed the greenbacks (all guitar sounds and loops) and
>busses 3 & 4 feed PA cabinets (other instruments and effects).  We use
>rackmount tube guitar amplifiers for the greenbacks and highpower solid
>state amps for the PA.  With more busses, and loopers (we use 5) the
>individual intruments and loopers can be placed spatially/speaker.

Last time I was in the cinema, I felt like trying to have the clean signal
on one central speaker and reverb on two periferial cabinets (maybe even on
the ceiling?). I did not do it yet, because I do not have the cabinet and
amp ready.

Anyone tried this?
Does it sound really different from stereo?