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Re: Akai S20

I just read a  review in Sound on Sound, looks like it would work well
for looping, one push to
set record mode, another to select the "bank" to record into and to
trigger recording, then
another push to stop recoding & start looping.  That does require a free
hand, but you get
16 banks to store samples/loops in  & it has reversing & a beat matching
facility.  No
layering like an echoplex though, its designed mostly for DJ's.

There was also a review in the June issue about the Notron hardware
sequencer, which
looked really wild, sort of an apeggiator on steriods.


Hayden Porter wrote:

> Hi,
> Does anyone know of the looping cababilities of this phrase sampler?
> I picked this up from another mailing:
> "Akai has a new phrase sampler coming soon: The S20 16-bit Stereo
> Phrase
> Sampler is designed to provide everything you need to sample audio,
> then slice
> it, dice, it, and stitch it back together again. Up to 17 Mb of
> memory,
> onboard disk drive, easy user interface, RCA outs for easy connection
> to DJ
> mixers....."
> I cant remember if this device has been discussed here before.
> Later,
> Hayden Porter
> hporter@uakron.edu