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Re: MAX/ MIDI Looping+Mac Emulator

At 11:56 AM -0400 7/25/97, ZeplinSoup@aol.com wrote:
>Hello dere boyz an gurlz...I have read about MAX,but I think it was in 
>and computers" mag...Is my recollection correct that it is a MAC 
>so does anyone know if the current MAC EMULATORS for PCs support sound
> Peace Out

Max is a mac program, from Opcode. I have no idea if it works on a mac
emulator. It isn't really audio, though. It allows you to easily write
programs for controlling midi data. (althought there are some max objects
for audio, quicktime, etc.)

Since it is very real-time oriented, with 1ms resolution, it probably does
a lot of low level stuff that an emulator might not be able to handle. I
don't know for sure. You definitely don't want anything else running on the
computer that might interfere with max's ability to keep it's timing
accurate. It would probably be better to buy an old 68040 mac for a couple
hundred $ and use it just for max. I knew one guy with an old MacSE that
just served the purpose of generating a master midi clock with max.


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