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Re: Web page gig listings?

At 10:58 PM -0700 7/27/97, Pat Kirtley wrote:
>Maintaining such a listing on an ongoing basis is a big job. It's a
>workload that's probably not feasible for Kim at this time. But... There 
>a system already in place on the internet that can be used for this
>purpose with very little effort. It is called the "Musi-Cal Musical Event
>Database" at http://www.calendar.com/concerts

Hey, that's a good idea. We could probably get him to add a category for
us, if we wanted to. It would definitely make my life easier. I had visions
of some poor looper only getting 4 people at his show because my usual 1
week+ lead time to upload stuff prevented 2 other people from knowing about

>A unique aspect of the system is that it will generate an HTML
>code-fragment for searches that can be invoked from a remote system
>location (i.e. loopers delight) that will jump out and grab the applicable
>listings on demand. All that's necessary is to settle upon some
>under-utilized sub-genre on their system (such as "ambient" or "techno"),
>and then get Kim to install the clickable HTML fragment on Looper's
>Delight. Voila-- a worldwide listing system, automatically maintained.

now we're talking! The less you have to rely on me, the better off you'll
all be.

We could even link it into the profiles pages. Then it could be easy to
find out about someone and see where they're playing next. Or in the case
of some of us, discover just how infrequently we ever get out...

Somebody go ahead and figure all this out, and I'll put it on the website.


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