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Re: Ambient?

>I know have unfortunately gone largely unrealized (unless there are some
>techno heads lurking out there).
hmm, well, lurking no more... hi i'm Ian, 24, and i'm a looper. i work in
both guitar-based live looping in a "rock" band called Shakespace and also
do mostly solo "electronica" (ranging from ambient soundscape stuff to
laswell-inspired dub to "jungle") that also relies on many kinds of loops.

>item.  However, most DJs or techno artists aren't going to think of what
>they do as "loop-based" -- they're going to use one of the dozens of
not to be difficult, but yeh, i _do_ think of my electronica as loop based,
be it an audio loop in a delay unit or a sampler or a midi loop from
Vision. this i think springs from my first electronic stuff which centered
around the much-vaunted Alesis MMT-8.

>music "loop-based," because the loop aspect goes without saying (just as
okay, well point taken. :-)

>Basically, with most electronic loop-based music,
>you're dealing with someone sampling *somebody else's* music, which was
>*already made*, and then editing the sample in step-time via a computer.
well when you say it like that...
no, all kidding aside, thats farily accurate. i do sample some of my own
loops though. sometimes, i'll have a loopguitarist friend of mine create
textures for me to sample...

>It's a very different approach, which may explain why a lot of
>elecronica artists might not feel like they have a lot in common with us.
i guess i think of myself as an exception. ugh, sorry, i straddle the
fence, wear both hats, playing guitar with some looping aspects in the
realm of a traditional "rock" band and doing the electronic thing on the
side... sorry, can't validate or debunk that point...

>...digital delay...
>machines), you're not going to be able to do a whole lot in the way of
>rhythmically precise, real-time-editable, syncable work.
hmm.. my main studio loopers for electronic stuff are a boss DD-3 pedal and
a Digitech 4-second "time machine". and with the use of a constant beat,
i've found it quite easy not only to lock up the delays to the tempo of a
given track, but utilising fx sends and levels and quick cuts, to build
intense rhythmic loops within the delay.

>I'd wager that the "typical" real-time
>loopist, as represented on this list, is a middle-aged, middle-class
>family man with a background in Fripp, Eno, Torn, Reich, Glass, Riley
oddly, the other guitarist in Shakespace is just that... he got me into
fripp and reich. another, younger friend got me into torn. eno and glass i
picked up dj-ing "chill-out rooms" at raves in college.

>And that's assuming that people are inclined or able to peek outside
>their own neighborhood in the first place.
well there are few better ways to learn...

ugh, need more coffee... anyone else care to throw a hat in this ring?