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Re: Web page gig listings?

>At 10:58 PM -0700 7/27/97, Pat Kirtley wrote:
>>Maintaining such a listing on an ongoing basis is a big job. It's a
>>workload that's probably not feasible for Kim at this time. But... There 
>>a system already in place on the internet that can be used for this
>>purpose with very little effort. It is called the "Musi-Cal Musical Event
>>Database" at http://www.calendar.com/concerts

>We could even link it into the profiles pages. Then it could be easy to
>find out about someone and see where they're playing next. Or in the case
>of some of us, discover just how infrequently we ever get out...
>Somebody go ahead and figure all this out, and I'll put it on the website.

I want to keep this idea alive, because it's a pretty good one. If you are
on the profiles page and would like a button to automatically find your
upcoming gigs on this nifty database, do this:  Go to the calandar site
(http://www.calendar.com/concerts) and search for yourself. The database
will return any listings along with an html code fragment for initiating
that search from another site. Copy the html, and send it to Michael Peters
for inclusion on the profiles page. (MPeters@compuserve.com) Be very nice
to Michael, because we are asking him to do a whole buncha work. :-)

Then, make sure to update the database with your upcoming shows.

Also, if anyone can think of a way to do a more generic search for loop
shows, figure out the html fragment and send it to me. Remember that we
don't all play ambient. ;-) (maybe a search for some combination of likely

Well, I just sent them mail asking that they add a "Looping" category,
maybe it'll turn out to be easy.



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