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Ambient again

Well, yes maybe I was a little unclear. I'm not too satisfied with the
word ambient because it means to me something when it's a deliberate
process, ie Music for airports....
But it seems to me that it conveys the idea of a kind of music which does
not require any participation from the listener, just a passive state like
when you're exposed to the whatever fills noise in your usual super
market, an idea I don't like that much. So I'm more for thinking that this
word is  a kind of negation (to quote Matthias, at least one his
of evryone (more or less) aim, to put as much as we are able in our music
(if I'm not wrong) hence my reaction to the word. To you matthias I would
have a soft spot for some word containing a meditative feel as well as a
sense of movement, and I would add another you did not mention: it is
sometimes dense. What word would work for all this? I confess I'm
Andre raises clearly some interesting points (lots of!), that move us (I
think) to another point, which is really interesting: Tons of people/music
use loops, even if not generated with one of the big three, as you call
them. There are loops almost in all kind of music. As we refer to the use
of them, we choose a slightly different way of taking the idea/process/
and then music. You are right, we could have here DJs, techno freaks....
And it is not the case. Why? Do we because of the way we use our toys (or
the toys we'd like to use, which alone can set a way of working and
influence you, even if you don't have the toy) have in common a kind of
process (I'll stop tuo use "process" all the time quite soon), let alone a
kind of music, whith certainly a hell of a lot of differences between us
all, but retaining a kind of "we belong to a big family" feel?
(whhoops this sentence was too long for me) 

I got a headache

Olivier Malhomme