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Re: Frippertronics

Frank Bas wrote:

>From what I understand the trick that Fripp did with two Revoxes doesn't
>differ all that much from what a tape-loop echo machine does. Or am I
>overlooking something? I have an Echolette on the shelf (one with tubes
>and an electronic eye) which I hope to restore to working order some day
>and I would like to use to do some of the weird stuff Fripp used to do.
>Could you give your comments on that?

>Thanks! Frank Bas.

I used one of those (Klempt Echolette, mfg in W. Germany) back in the 
proverbial "good old days" (1960's). I was never able to do loops - by my 
definition - with it and relied on 1/2 track reel to reel machines for 
that. However, I did use it for reverb, delay, and as a preamp. It 
produced outstanding overdrive and crunch for that time period and the 
"green eye" was very cool.