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Re: re: Amplifiers for looping

Matthias wrote:

>Oh, I see... so you probably never have only reverb on the stereo set,
>because all of the loops run on it, too, right?
>But on the third speaker, you might get only reverb if you pan the loops 
>center, is that how you use it?

Actually, somewhat ashamed to admit that I'm not ALWAYS looping :-). I do 
play straight (no looping) some of the time and the digitech studio twin, 
which is on one of the mixers effect loops, has many stereo reverbs as 
well as all the other usual stuff - chorus, flanger, detune ect. I don't 
like or use this other stuff but I do use the reverbs and the stereo ping 
pong delay (way cool and the only reason I purchased it) both with and 
without looping and/or vortex. It really depends on what mood I'm in at 
the time. But in any case the answer is still yes. I do play with a clean 
signal in the guitar amp (@ center) and only reverb in the stereo +1 
field. As for what eminates from the +1 cabinet, I've never really tried 
to engineer this, I'm more of an observer.

Some (probably irrelevant) background/bio info. I, like others on this 
list, am WELL past 25. My primary instrument/interest is acoustic 
electric guitar. I also play and loop a fender rhodes; electric bass; 
various drums and percussion instruments, harmonicas, and recently a C 
melody sax, all of which are mic'd and run through yet another mixer. I 
played in various bands around the midwest and experimented a lot (and 
performed occasionly) with multiple 1/2 track tape machines back in the 
60's and early 70's. Then I got married, had some kids, got a REAL JOB 
and quit playing for 20 years. I started playing again when my kids got 
interested in music. My wife says it's mid life crisis but I don't care 
because I'm really, really having FUN! This new digital stuff (jammen, 
plex's, vortex, ect) is way easier to use, much more adaptable, and so 
compact! Yah, there's a trade off, but not much doubt in my mind that 
it's more than a fair trade.

Time to go have fun!